Friday, June 16, 2006

Corruption Prosecution of Scrushy and Siegelman Goes to the Jury

The trial of former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy on charges of paying a bribe to former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman has gone to the jury, with Scrushy's attorney stating in his close argument that the government's case is "utterly ridiculous."  Scrushy and Siegelman, along with two former aides to the governor, are charged with a number of counts related to giving and receiving lavish gifts and large campaign contributions.  The six-week trial featured testimony from cooperating witnesses, including former Siegelman aides, described by the defense as "scam artists and liars" -- no mincing words there.  Just like the earlier HealthSouth fraud trial in which he was acquitted, Scrushy did not take the witness stand, nor did the other defendants, who only put on a brief, two-day defense to the charges.  If the defense is successful, it may signal a new trend in white collar crime cases to keep the defendant off the witness stand.  An AP story (here) describes the trial and closing arguments. (ph)

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