Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Behind the Jury Curtain - Enron Broadband

What really happened in the jury room of the Enron Broadband trial?

Tom Kirkendall's Houston Clear Thinkers here and the Houston Chronicle here describe some of the happenings in the jury room. The Motion for a New Trial here is an amazing read. Tom Kirkendall lists on his blog the many things that may seriously impair the guilty verdict rendered against one defendant in this case. 

It isn't often that one receives a new trial premised on juror conduct or misconduct.  But the long list of events here present some serious concerns.  Kirkendall says it all when he states:

"Although the allegations regarding Judge Gilmore's ex parte communications with the jury will likely put her on the defensive and prone to deny Howard's request for a new trial, the motion indicates that the Howard-Krautz trial probably should not have been conducted in Houston and, at very least, should never have been allowed to proceed during the Lay-Skilling trial."



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