Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ohio Republican Fundraiser to Plead Guilty to Campaign Finance Violations

Tom Noe has been at the center of an expanding campaign finance and corruption investigation in Ohio for the past year.  He was indicted on state charges related to investments he allegedly made on behalf of a state workers compensation fund in rare coins that turned out to be largely non-existent, resulting in a loss of over $1 million.  Federal charges were filed in October 2005 related to campaign contribution violations.  Noe was a leading fundraiser for the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2004, and contributed over $100,000 to various Republican campaigns.  The federal charges involve funneling approximately $45,000 to the presidential campaign by making payments to others who would then donate in their own names in order to avoid the $2,000 contribution limit.  An AP story (here) states that prosecutors have requested a change of plea hearing be scheduled.  It is not clear whether part of the plea agreement will include cooperation in the various investigations.  (ph)

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