Friday, May 5, 2006

KPMG Defendants Receive Support

The KPMG defendants who are set for a hearing on May 8th (see here) received support from amici who filed a brief that demonstrates that many have concerns about how the Thompson Memo is being implemented. 

The amicus brief is filed on behalf of the Securities Industry Association, The Association of Corporate Counsel, The Bond Market Association, and the Chamber of Commerce. The brief presents two arguments: 1) that "[t]he government's policy violates key criminal justice principles," and 2) that "[t]he government's attack on fee advancements threatens the integrity of the employment relationship and efficient corporate operations."  A copy of the brief is here-

Download 200654_motion_and_brief_of_amicus.pdf


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The hearing in KPMG is part of a national reaction to the way DOJ does it's work -- scorched earth policy of death to any corporation that doesn't do what we want. Waive attorney client privilege, fire employees that won't proffer and cut off attorney's fees to anyone who asserts his/her rights.

Posted by: Gerald Lefcourt | May 8, 2006 5:58:48 AM

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