Friday, May 5, 2006

Another Two Charges Against Ralph Sampson

Former NBA star Ralph Sampson seems to be attracting federal indictments these days as prosecutors added two more charges against him arising out of an earlier prosecution for failure to pay child support. As discussed in an earlier post (here), Sampson was indicted in January 2006 on perjury and false claim charges for filing a false affidavit seeking appointment of counsel due to indigency in the child support prosecution.  Sampson plead guilty to the child support charges, and the two additional charges were set to go to trial on May 16.  Prosecutors have now secured a superseding indictment adding new mail fraud and false statement charges.  According to an AP story (here), Sampson did not disclose in his application for the appointment of counsel that he had a $5,000 per month consulting contract and the use of a $200,000 house in exchange for certain promotional activities, claiming instead that he had no income.  In addition, he denied ownership of an SUV valued at $43,000, and is alleged to have mailed false documents to a finance company to hide his ownership of the vehicle.  The hole keeps getting deeper for Sampson. (ph)

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