Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tough Day For Skilling

One need only read a few of the reports from today to realize that Jeffrey Skilling had a tough day. Washington Post here reporter Carrie Johnson notes that Skilling lost "his cool" under prosecution questioning.  And the Houston Chronicle here points out the prosecution attack on Skilling's failure to remember. A far cry from yesterday's reports of Skilling being cool despite questioning. (see here)

But what is the jury hearing?  According to the NYTimes (here) Skilling accused the prosecutor of "looking at the baseball rankings and saying, 'Let's look at the bottom two teams.' " 

Is the jury listening critically to what is being presented?  Do they want more answers, or are the financial aspects so over their heads and perhaps incomprehensible?  And what is their reaction to Skilling being able to remember some things, yet not others?



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