Monday, April 3, 2006

Some Avoid the Perp Walk

Isn't it amazing that some have to do the perp walk, and others do not?  And isn't it amazing that the ones doing the perp walk do not have a pre-arranged deal with the government?

According to Newsday here,  a former business executive at Newsday surrendered to federal officials on charges related to his alleged role in Newsday's circulation scandal. And yes, there was no perp walk. No one appears to be talking, according to Newsday, but one has to wonder what will happen here next.  Check out the Newsday article to see what sources are telling them.


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Makes perfect sense to me. Striking a deal with the government has other benefits besides doing less time. It also includes not having your face plastered across the Post. Query whether in the world of business - where your reputation can make or break you - this is actually more valuable than reduced time.

Posted by: LawGuy | Apr 4, 2006 7:50:01 AM

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