Monday, April 10, 2006

Are Ken Lay & Jeff Skilling Assisting the President?

The Lay/Skilling trial is clearly at a peak this coming week with many already in Texas and others heading there to watch the testimony of Jeff Skilling (see Wall Street Journal here). 

But as all eyes turn to Houston, one has to wonder if we are shifting focus from Washington, D.C. And there are certainly some questions that need answering from the White House.  For one, did Bush authorize the leaks?  If he did authorize the leaks, was it legal? And if he did authorize the leaks why didn't he just tell us this up front as opposed to having our tax dollars spent on this investigation? And if he did authorize the leaks then why did his aides state to the American public that he wanted to "'get to the bottom' of who leaked the name of Wilson's wife, covert CIA operative Valerie Plame." (see Washington Post here).  And if this was authorized, then is the white house saying that it is acceptable to leak information, information about a CIA operative, information that is being leaked to  "attempt to discredit a CIA adviser whose views undermined the rationale for the invasion of Iraq."(Id.)


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