Sunday, April 23, 2006

Former Defense Department Employee - Scheme to Defraud

The United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia issued a press release here telling of a Former Defense Department Employee being sentenced for a plea on a wire fraud charge, to "57 months imprisonment, approximately $704,000 restitution and 3 years supervised release for his participation in a fraud scheme to use a Department of Defense IMPAC charge card to make over $704,357.24 in fictitious purchases of maintenance supplies for the Pentagon."  According to the press release:

"From May 1999 until April 2002, [this individual] was assigned to the Pentagon Building Maintenance Office and was responsible for ordering and purchasing supplies for the maintenance of the Pentagon. [This individual], and two others convicted in part of this scheme, created at least 265 fictitious purchase orders, had them approved, and charged a government purchase card $409,624.61. The money obtained from the scheme was received by an outside company owned by one of the conspirators. No goods were received by the Department of Defense for the false charges."

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