Monday, March 6, 2006

This Week in Enronville

This coming week in the trial of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling there will likely be a larger than usual courtroom crowd as Tuesday Andrew Fastow is scheduled to testify. (see Houston Chronicle here, Washington Post here).  Continuing Monday will be witness Kevin Hannon, former chief of Enron broadband who is scheduled for cross-examination. For a wonderful play by play audio and transcript of the trial, check out Carrie Johnson's reports on the Washington Post here

Fastow has faced the blame in much of the Enron fall, and taking the witness stand as a government witness will provide him a forum to speak back. The key here is likely to be cross-examination.  Will he be able to show knowledge on the part of Skilling and Lay?  And what will be the effect of the "deal" he received from the government.

As the trial continues, there has been talk of Ken Lay's funds dwindling. (see here)  Some bloggers on the Houston Chronicle are not convinced,and it sounds like they will not be convinced until they see him living in a trailer. (see here)  This may be the sentiment in Houston, a tough crowd for this trial.


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