Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ryan Jury Bogging Down

The jury considering the RICO corruption charges against former Illinois Governor George Ryan and co-defendant Lawrence Warner has finished its eighth day of deliberations, and sent two notes to the judge about having "personal difficulties" in reaching a verdict.  To make matters even more complicated, U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer dismissed the jury early and said she is conducting an investigation of a "personal matter" involving a juror.  A Chicago Tribune story (here) notes that the paper raised questions about whether one of the jurors answered a questionnaire truthfully during voir dire, although there are no further details and the court has sealed the records of its meetings with counsel for now.  If one of the jurors has to be dismissed, then an alternate can be brought in, assuming one is available.  That would require the jury to begin its deliberations all over, which will drag out the process even further.  Deliberations will resume on Monday, when Judge Pallmeyer will most likely have completed her investigation of the juror issue and the question of whether an alternate will be used should be answered.  Don't anyone hold their breath waiting for a verdict, at least not yet. (ph)

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