Thursday, March 30, 2006

Embezzling to Pay for Your Dominatrix

What motivates someone to embezzle from a charity where the person works?  There are lots of reasons to steal, and a new one to someone like me -- who has led a very sheltered life -- is embezzling to pay for trips from New York to see your dominatrix in Columbus, Ohio.  Abraham Alexander admitted to stealing $237,000 from the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, including at least $11,000 to pay for sessions with a dominatrix called Lady Sage, plus other charges on Foundation credit cards for air travel from New York to Ohio and rental cars in Columbus.  An AP story (here) notes that Alexander entered a guilty plea to second-degree grand larceny charges and will receive a sentence between two and six years, but that could be reduced if he can repay some of the money he stole.  One potential source of funds may be the house he is selling because his wife -- not surprisingly -- is divorcing him.  The final indignity may be that Alexander will be deported to India after serving his term, which is an awfully long way from Columbus. (ph -- thanks to Jerry Kelly for passing on the story)

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