Sunday, March 26, 2006

Client Acquitted, Attorney Faints

Former Erie, PA, mayor Rick Filippi, along with his law partner and campaign manager, was acquitted on charges of trying to profit from a proposed racetrack by buying property that could be resold later at a higher price.  The track was never built and the property sold for no gain.  Upon the announcement in state court of the not guilty verdict on the first count, Filippi's attorney, Leonard Ambrose, fainted.  An AP story (here) quotes Ambrose as stating, "It was an emotionally draining experience . . . I have never been as emotionally close to a client and friend as in this case."  Let's hope the reaction was one of joy and not utter astonishment at the verdict.  Unfortunately for Filippi, who was elected in 2001, he came in fourth (out of five candidates) in the Democratic primary in 2005. (ph)

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