Saturday, March 4, 2006

Campbell Trial Update

The defense side of the Bill Campbell trial, the former mayor of Atlanta, is full steam ahead with supportive witnesses testifying on his behalf.  The AJC reports here on "Campbell's former special assistant, Eunice Lockhart-Moss" saying that he was not the"one who signed United Water contracts." But City Attorney Susan Langford also testified on cross-examination, with the AJC noting here that she said more than 50 times in 45 minutes "I don’t recall.”  On Friday, yet another attorney testified,  Steven Labovitz, a Atlanta attorney (see here) was a strong witness for Campbell.  As campaign treasurer he defended actions on recording funds and paying funds.

Question I - Two lawyers testifying on behalf of the defense -- is that a positive or negative?

Question 2- What will the jurors' reaction be to Langford's continual "I don't recall?"  Was it a wise move for the prosecution to elicit that many "I don't recalls" from the witness?  Will this backfire - - will she be portrayed as the honest witness who only tells what she knows? 

Question 3- Has the defense raised some doubt?


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