Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Campbell Case to the Jury Today

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports here on the powerful closing arguments of both the prosecution and defense in the trial of former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell. Was the government out to "Kill Bill," or if you "Follow the Money" does Campbell have a problem?  These are just some of the arguments that were made.

An interesting point to note about the closing arguments is the prosecution's use of new technologies/graphics to make their points.  The AJC calls it "flashy graphics." 

This is certainly not the first trial that the prosecutors from the Northern District of Georgia have used what I like to think of as "smart" graphics.  Remembering back to their prosecution of a lawyer named Fred Tokars, then-prosecutor Buddy Parker (now a white collar defense attorney) used incredible graphics to teach the jury the story of their case.  In the Tokars federal trial, the graphics were certainly a plus to achieving the conviction.  But one has to wonder if in this case these type of graphics might not be seen in the same light.  This is particularly true as it shows the jury that the government is spending a lot of money on this case.  Billy Martin in the closing argument for the defense was emphasizing how much time and money the government had spent in the quest to find something on Bill Campbell.


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