Monday, March 6, 2006

Ahold Trial - Sentence Difference

If the defendants in the Ahold related trial are convicted, their sentences will not come close to what we have been seeing recently in the United States.  According to CNN here the Dutch trial charges four defendants.  The case results from alleged accounting issues coming from matters related to Ahold.  If convicted, CNN notes that  one of the charges "carries a maximum sentence of six years whereas fraud carries three years at most."  A far cry from what we have been seeing in the United States.

According to a Washington Post story here of October 2004, the SEC did not pursue action against some of the individuals because of fear of double jeopardy problems with Dutch law.  But the SEC did settle charges with Ahold's former chief executive, Cees van der Hoeven- and Cees van der Hoeven is presently being prosecuted under Dutch law. 

Ahold has not been charged.  Ahold did not pay a fine to the SEC. (see here)

It's corporate governance statement is here


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