Monday, March 6, 2006

Abramoff - Will He Publically Name Names

Jack Abramoff had asked for a delay in his sentencing and it looks like the most he will be getting is a delay from March 16th to March 29th.  (see AP here). The response by one of his attorney's Abbe Lowell is - we'll have to name names to show the need for a delay. The question becomes whether anyone wants to have the public see the full extent of Abramoff's cooperation.

Secrecy during grand jury proceedings is a benefit to the government. They can call witnesses without individuals knowing the reason for the inquiry.  It also allows for possible actions by individuals under investigation that might provide short-cut prosecutions (cases premised on false statements, perjury, or obstruction of justice).

Does the government want their future possible cases exposed to the world prior to them making the cases?  And does Abramoff want to have to be sentenced prior to his having given so much to the government that they are ready to say - "here is a man that provided extraordinary cooperation to us and therefore deserves a lesser sentence."


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