Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Sex, Drugs, and Corruption

Lonoke, Arkansas, a town of 4,300 east of Little Rock, has a bit of a leadership crisis this week.  On Feb. 6, the  mayor, the police chief and his wife, and two bail bondsmen were arrested for alleged conduct that might seem too outlandish for a Desperate Housewives episode.  The mayor is accused of having used state prisoners to do work at his home, while the police chief is charged with conspiring with the bondsmen to manufacture methamphetamine.  Meanwhile, the chief and his wife are charged with stealing antique jewelry from a home and pawning it.  As if that's not sordid enough, the chief's wife is also accused of taking two inmates from the jail to have sex with them in various locations, leading to escape charges.  All are well-known in the town, and no doubt the local chatter has been in overdrive.  The town's website (here) states that the police force has twelve officers, and it is served by a 20-member volunteer fire department.  An AP story (here) discusses the charges. (ph)

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