Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Contractor Fraud - Civil Not Criminal Case

The Washington Post reports here of a civil false claims trial that began with two whistleblowers on one side and military contractors who were supplying services in Iraq on the other side.The government had the opportunity to intervene, but did not.  Why it failed to enter into a case involving these whistleblowers is unknown.    With potential evidence of "$74,000 generators" being "billed at $400,000 and $240,000 trucks at $600,000," one has to wonder what was happening here. But then again, maybe there is nothing to the claims being brought by these whistleblowers; or perhaps the government was fearful of international jurisdiction questions that might make this case problematic; or maybe they have not completed their investigation (see 60 Minutes here). Or maybe they were just too busy prosecuting Martha Stewart?



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