Sunday, January 22, 2006

Former Mayor Bill Campbell's Trial Begins

Jurors for the trial of former Mayor Bill Campbell (post) have been selected (AJC here).  The jury consists of seven blacks and five whites, and seven men and five women. (post here) Last week pre-trial motions resolved some of the evidentiary issues that might arise in the trial. (AJC here).  The AJC has extensive coverage of this trial on a webpage here that includes links to the jury questionnaire, artist sketches, and profiles of the jurors. Opening statements and evidence starts this week.

Individuals accused of white collar crimes usually hang their heads and go into hiding.  Recently, however, some have not followed this protocol.  For example, Richard Scrushy, who was acquitted, had his own website. (see here)  Ken Lay, who faces trial, likewise has his own website. (see here) And Bill Campbell gave a press conference the day of this indictment.  One day this past week Campbell provided morning radio comments, restating his innocence. (see here).  For many years defense attorneys have told their clients to say nothing, especially to the media, as what the client says may come back to haunt him or her at trial.  Perhaps those accused of white collar offenses are starting a new trend in being more public on the web and with the media.


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