Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Shot of Botulism to Turn Back the Years?

Two doctors in Florida, Chad Livdahl and Zahra Karim, received substantial prison terms for distributing a botulism toxin as a substitute for botox to more than two hundred doctors.  Livdahl and Karim each entered guilty pleas in November 2005, and were sentenced to nine and six years, respectively, although Karim will serve a shorter term because she will be transferred to Canada, where she is from. Livdahl and Karim marketed the botulism through their company, Toxin Research International (catchy name), and earned over $1.7 million. In addition, former University of Kentucky ophthalmologist Robert Baker was sentenced to 180 days of home confinement for writing a testimonial about the botulism that was used in marketing brochures. Somehow, using botulism to get rid of crows feet and wrinkles seems a bit counter-intuitive, but then I'm not a doctor. A CNN.Com story (here) discusses the sentencings. (ph)

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