Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ohio - Politics As Usual?

The Ohio Republicans seem to be having their issues lately.  As reported here by the Washington Post - - it has been everything from the bizarre investments of rare coins to Tom Noe's indictment for allegedly violating campaign laws. (see prior posts here and here).  And we haven't even gotten to a discussion of Ney or Taft.  Because of the influential role played by Ohio in the last election, one has to agree with the Washington Post that these recent happenings may play a factor in politics. 

What role does politics play for prosecutors?  The answer is that is should play no role.  As noted in the ABA Standards for Criminal Justice, Rule 3-3.9:

"(d) In making the decision to prosecute, the prosecutor should give no weight to the personal or political advantages or disadvantages which might be involved or to a desire to enhance his or her record of convictions."


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Poll results from a survey conducted by Zogby International do not bode well for lame duck governor Bob Taft. Toledo Tales has the inside story of the depths to which Taft has sunk.

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