Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New Evidence in the Leak Case

Check out the Washington Post here this a.m. as we now add Bob Woodward to the mix as it seems he also knew of Plame's CIA identity.  Mind you he won't tell us where he found out - "an official casually told him."  And he admits that he first is coming forward with this information only after Libby is indicted. His statement is here.  The source won't let him tell the name publicly, but the source went to the Special Prosecutor.  Woodward's final sentence of his statement is perhaps the most interesting - it says, "It was the first times (sic?) in 35 years as a reporter that I have been asked to provide information to a grand jury."  Mind you the special prosecutor must have accommodated Woodward as he did not appear live in front of the grand jury, but rather by deposition at a law office.

It sounds like the web is growing and getting pretty tangled.  Will Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald be able to handle the way things happen in D.C.?

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