Thursday, November 17, 2005

Corruption Charges Filed Against Detroit City Councilman

Just to show that Philadelphia does not have a corner on the municipal corruption market -- only NFL trauma-dramas -- Detroit City Councilman Alonzo Bates was indicted on charges related to ghost employees and tax evasion.  According to a federal indictment, Bates had four ghost employees on his city council office payroll who did no work on behalf of the city, including the mother of his son, his girlfiend's daughter, and a gardener who did work at his home and a rental property Bates owns.  The government also accused Bates of not paying income taxes on almost $400,000 that he earned while a member of the council.  Bates was defeated in a reelection bid and will be leaving office shortly.  He is the second Detroit City Council member indicted on corruption charges in the past two years, although the other council member died before trial. A Detroit News story (here) discusses the indictment. (ph)

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The city of Detroit is awash in corrption. There are just too many people on the take.With no substantial controls or measures in place, city officials can do virtually whatever they want. The culture of corruption in this city is absolutely unacceptable. The problem is that it's so ingrained into our culture, it will be harder and harder to stop.

Posted by: Brian Tabb | Jan 25, 2006 1:29:13 PM

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