Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bob Woodward: Would You Buy the Book?

Listening to Bob Woodward on Larry King Live makes one wonder what has happened in the journalism world.  It seems ironic that a newspaper person, someone who is supposed to provide transparency for the public, fails to come forward with information that is clearly important to a criminal investigation.  Information here that is likely to be exculpatory to the defendant (Attorney Ted Wells is pleased that Woodward has come forward with this information).  Will this raise the reasonable doubt the defense needs (see post here) for an acquittal of Libby?  Will we learn of Woodward's source? Will this information be helpful to Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald so that he can get to the bottom of this leak case?

The NYTimes states here that "his source alerted Mr. Fitzgerald that he had talked to Mr. Woodward after Mr. Fitzgerald secured an indictment of Mr. Libby."  (see prior post here also) Is this just a situation of new information, or is someone trying to sabotage an investigation? The question is not only why Woodward did not come forward, but also why the source failed to provide this information to the prosecutor prior to Libby's indictment? One can certainly understand why we have no "Good Samaritans" coming forward.



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