Monday, October 10, 2005

Will Rove's Discussions with President Bush Be a Subject of the Grand Jury Investigation?

Karl Rove's fourth appearance before the grand jury could involve inquiry into his discussion in with President Bush about the release of Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA operative.  While it was known that the President asked Rove about the leak, recent media reports (AP story here and National Journal story here) indicates that the President questioned Rove specifically about his own role in any effort to engineer the disclosure of Plame's status with the CIA to the media to undermine the position of her husband, Joseph Wilson. Rove denied any involvement to the President, and that was later reflected in the statement of White House spokesman Scott McClellan to the press and the President's own statement in the investigation.  As this blog noted back on Aug. 12 (here), a false statement to the President could be the basis for a Sec. 1001 charge because the President's inquiry is a matter within the jurisdiction of the Executive branch.  The questioning of Rove could involve not only what he said to reporters who wrote about Plame, but whether he misled the President.  (ph)

Addendum - Karl Rove's attorney denies that Rove circulated name "to punish [Valerie Plame's] husband."  See CNN here.  (esp)

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