Saturday, October 22, 2005

What Will Ken Lay Say?

Defense lawyers usually tell their clients who have been charged with a crime to lay low and not make any public comments.  Former Enron CEO Ken Lay, who has a website to advance his position, will be speaking to the Houston Forum on December 13 about the downfall of Enron.  The speech, a bit more than a month before jury selection begins for the conspiracy trial of Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, and Richard Causey, is advertised on the Forum website (here) in the following way:

Ken Lay speaks on the collapse of the wunderkind company one month prior to his trial in U.S. District Court. We have heard from the Enron Whistleblower Sherron Watkins and New York Times Investigative Reporter Kurt Eichenwald, author of "A Conspiracy of Fools." Now we will hear from the man himself about the collapse that rattled Wall Street and the corridors of political power.

A Houston Chronicle story (here) discusses the planned speech, and quotes Lay's attorney, Mike Ramsey, did not express any discomfort with the speech, noting that "Enron's collapse hurt the community. I think Ken owes it to the community to explain his view."  Does this mean the Lay is likely to testify at the trial to  present his views to a much more important audience: the jury?  I suspect at least one member of the Enron Task Force will be in attendance to gather a little intelligence. (ph)

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