Saturday, October 15, 2005

Plenty of Jobs in DC

Bruce Carton has an interesting post (here) on the Securities Litigation Watch blog noting a number of high-level openings in the securities field at the SEC and Department of Justice.  While the Enforcement Division just appointed a new chief of its litigation unit (Luis Mejia), the Commission has not filled the Chief Accountant post, and there are vacancies at the top of the Divisions of Investment Management and Market Regulation.  The chairman of PCAOB, William McDonough, is leaving his post at the end of November, and the Fraud Section in the Criminal Division at the DOJ (my old section) has posted for both the Chief and the Deputy  Chief for Litigation.  And I suspect the number of senior-level openings will increase after the 2006 election.  The final two years of an administration usually has significant turnover as people position themselves for the transition to a new administration (regardless of whether there is a change of party, but the turnover is particularly dramatic when a different party wins the Presidency). (ph)

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