Saturday, October 22, 2005

DeLay Seeks Recusal of Judge

Another day, another sideshow at the circus in Austin, Texas, surrounding the state prosecution of Rep. Tom DeLay on conspiracy and money laundering charges.  At his scheduled arraignment before 331st  Judicial Criminal District Court Judge Bob Perkins (website here), the court first took up a defense request for the appointment of a new judge because Judge Perkins has contributed to MoveOn.Org and, according to defense counsel Dick DeGuerin, the organization has been selling t-shirts emblazoned with Delay's mug shot (which is actually quite a nice photograph for that genre).  Judge Perkins noted that he contributed to the organization before the 2004 election, and MoveOn denied selling such a shirt.  The Judge has not ruled on the motion, and this is probably just another small part of a much bigger scene that will play out. An AP story (here) discusses the recusal motion. (ph)

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