Friday, September 23, 2005

Two Charged with Secretly Filming Michael Jackson

When Michael Jackson flew from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara in 2003 to face the child molestation charges on which he was later acquitted, little did he know that the owner of the chartered private jet outfitted the passenger cabin with a secret camera and microphone he had purchased from a "spy" store.  Now, the owner, Jeffrey Borer, and Arvel Reeves, who owns an aircraft maintenance company, have been indicted on charges of conspiring to illegally intercept oral communications, and Borer has been charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly telling a witness to lie to the FBI about the reason for the videotape camera.  Borer and Reeves attempted to sell the tape to the media for $1.5 million, but Jackson's lawyers were able to prevent is dissemination.  What makes the tape particularly invasive is the fact that Jackson was accompanied by his lawyer at the time, Mark Geragos, so the discussions would likely be protected by the attorney-client privilege.  Along with the indictment for welfare fraud of the mother of the child who accused Jackson, the fall-out from the Jackson prosecution just keeps getting weirder. An AP story (here) discusses the indictment. (ph)

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