Thursday, September 8, 2005

The Katrina Scams Are Here

A New York Times article (here) highlights the sorry aftermath of any major disaster: the onslaught of fraudulent schemes.  The article notes that Missouri has taken action against websites with ties to white supremacist groups that are using the names like "" to funnel traffic to a site to collect donations without disclosing the use of the funds or the organizations behind it.  The FBI estimates that there are over 2,300 websites that deal with Katrina-related issues, some legitimate but it's likely that many are not.  If form holds, we should start receiving e-mails seeking assistance in transferring large sums of money in bank accounts left behind by people who died in the hurricane and later flooding.  (ph)


UPDATE: From Findlaw is the complaint (here) filed by Florida against Robert Moneyhan for setting up allegedly bogus Katrina charity websites. (ph)

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