Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Indictment of Tom Delay

By now everyone is aware that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been indicted. (see here and here).  The indictment is here. The indictment has led to DeLay having to step down from his position as majority leader. (see here).  This is not a federal indictment, but rather a Texas grand jury that issued the indictment.  It is an indictment from Travis County, Texas. And not surprising, DeLay was immediately critical of the prosecutor who brought this case.  The prosecutor must have anticipated some allegations of political partisanship as the indictment even includes as an exhibit, a check made out to the Texas for A. Republican Majority PAC.  Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the indictment is that it has DeLay waiving the statute of limitations.  But for this waiver, would this indictment have been able to have been brought now?  DeLay's attorney is Dick DeGuerrin.  (See Washington Post here) If this case goes to trial, it will certainly be one to watch.


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