Thursday, September 8, 2005

Report on UN Oil-for-Food Programme Describes Quite a Mess

The final report of the Independing Inquiry Committee Into the United Nations Oil-for-Food Programme has been released, and it is a catalogue of how a well-intentioned relief effort spun out of control through a lack of oversight and the inability of the UN, particularly the Security Council, to maintain any sort of responsible discipline over the operation.  The Report (available here) points out that among the lessons to be learned from the effort was leaving far too much initiative for the program's design and implementation with the Iraqi regime -- which is a bit like leaving the punishment to the offender that led, to no one's great surprise, to systematic abuses.  The Committee also emphasized the "grievous absence of effective auditing and management controls" for the program.  Among the lessons of Enron et al. is that corruption and a lack of internal controls is a recipe for disaster. (ph)

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