Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Prosecutor Indicts Former Employee of Charitable Foundation

Bill Rankin of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports an indictment of "[a] former finance director" of a local chapter of a well known foundation. See AJC here.

What should you do when you are a reputable foundation and you find fraud or embezzlement in your midst? 

If you report it to the government they will investigate, possibly indict, and then you'll likely find your name in the newspapers.  Unfortunately your foundation's reputable name will be placed in a sentence next to the individual who has been indicted.   Even when the newspaper tells how your foundation found the fraud and reported it to authorities, the fear you have is that the incident will taint your organization.  Will people be reluctant to give because of your appropriate disclosure of possible criminality within your organization?  Hopefully the public will understand that you are doing the right thing in reporting possible wrongdoing to authorities so that they can appropriately investigate.


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