Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Indictment Can Be A Relief

For some who are accused of a white collar crime, the indictment can be a relief -- it serves as the end of what might have been a long investigation.  Investigations, and the uncertainty of not knowing the future, are often difficult to handle for individuals who may be used to being in control of a situation.  So, as odd as it may seem, some who are accused and indicted welcome the actual formalization of being charged with a crime.  They see this as a step in the direction of clearing their name.

The Washington Post reports here  of a major developer in DC who upon being charged with bribing a city official states that he is "elated that this is moving forward." Douglas Jemal, the Washington developer who was indicted says that his business has not been hurt by this investigation. Others, however, may not be so fortunate.  Often the cloud of an investigation can be detrimental to the business continuing to operate in a smooth fashion.

In this case the developer was indicted, along with two other individuals, with charges that include "conspiracy, bribery, and fraud."  The indictments come after a former deputy director of the D.C. Office of Property Management plead guilty and agreed to cooperate with the government.


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