Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Enron Broadband Case to Be Retried With New Configuration

Looks like the Enron Broadband trial may go into round two.

As previously noted here, despite a lengthy first trial, no one was found guilty.  Three former Enron executives were found not guilty on some counts, while the jury failed to reach a verdict on other counts against these three individuals.  Additionally two other individuals, also on trial, had a hung jury.  Questioned here was whether there would in fact be a retrial.  The unscientific poll of the Houston Chronicle poll on August 5th had 91% of people voting, saying "no" retrial. Interestingly the number opposed to a retrial is now up to 93%. (see here). 

But according to the Houston Chronicle here this number may not deter the government. The government seems to be rethinking its strategy, going for a shorter more streamlined trial.  And as one might suspect, they are being met with defense legal motions to their recent moves.

Texas, bearing the weight of assisting many from New Orleans and the surrounding areas, has a lot on its mind right now. This could be both detrimental and/or a benefit to the prosecution.  Extravagances by the accused individuals may be frowned upon by these jurors, many who may have recently experienced difficult times.  On the other hand, will the jurors approve of valuable dollars being spent on this trial. Would some rather see their dollars used to assist the new arrivals to the state.



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