Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Civilans Associated With the Military

Those working next to the military may have Uncle Sam may be looking over their shoulder.  And maybe that's a good thing? A DOJ press release here states that "[a]civilian U.S. Department of Army Director of Contracting and two other individuals have been arrested in New York and Indiana on charges of participating in a scheme to pay bribes to a public official and take kickbacks in connection with U.S. Army contracts awarded from an Army recreational facility in Germany."  The release describes some of the alleged kickbacks as:

"bribes for himself, his family members and others in the form of cash, home renovations, flat screen televisions, computer laptops, automobile maintenance, airline tickets, hotel rooms, trips, cleaning services, furniture, artwork, appliances, Oktoberfest tickets, tickets to the Indianapolis 500, and ski passes."


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