Wednesday, August 3, 2005

CIA Leak Case - Are We Going in Circles?

We left off here, asking, - where is this investigation heading? 

John Dean looks squarely at Rove here, and speaks about his thoughts and in one instance a comparison to Watergate. 

Then the New York Times here titles its article, "2 Aides to Rove Testify in CIA Leak Inquiry."

Then you have columnist Novak and a CIA operative not seeing quite eye to eye in prior discussions here.  Did some of this actually come from a simple "Who's Who?"

Grand jury secrecy is a strange thing, it keeps the public from the transparency of the judicial system that they so desire. It allows for the media to go in so many different directions.  But the bottom line is that no one really knows what goes on behind the closed doors except the prosecutor, grand jurors, and the court stenographer - and luckily none of them are talking. Remember - white collar cases sometimes move a lot slower than the street crime cases.  They are a breed unto themselves. So the fact that things are still fairly quiet is not alarming.


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