Sunday, August 14, 2005

Southern Happenings

In Mississippi the Clarion-Ledger reports that State Supreme Court Judge Diaz was found not guilty on all counts.  (see here)   Other defendants in this case had somewhat mixed verdicts - with some counts being not guilty and others ending in a hung jury. None of the defendants prosecuted by the government in this case were convicted.  What some might call - not a good day for the prosecution team. Others, however, would note that the government always wins even when the verdict is "not guilty" as prosecutors are ministers of justice and not mere advocates.

Another major southern trial, the trial of former Mayor Bill Campbell, has a new attorney and has requested a continuance of the trial originally set for September.  Joining Atlanta lawyer Jerry Froelich on the case, is Billy Martin of Washington. (see AJC here).  It is odd to see the US Attorneys objecting to the continuance as they took a very long period of time before they indicted Campbell.  (See post here)


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