Thursday, July 28, 2005

Where Is This Investigation Headed?

Discrediting a CIA operative may have been a motive of some of the administration, but motive is not the same as intent. If  Prosecutor Fitzgerald wishes to prosecute someone he is faced with showing some form of intent in the leak of the confidential information to the press. Intent, however, can be inferred from the circumstances and the motive may form a circumstance that assists in showing an intent.

Alternatively, Prosecutor Fitzgerald has to look at whether someone has committed a crime of obstruction of justice, perjury, false declarations or false statements.  The "who" still remains an unknown - at least to most of us - with new information being presented in the press each day. The Washington Post reports here some of the latest in an article titled, "Prosecutor In CIA Leak Case Casting A Wide Net."

Thinking back to Special Prosecutor Ken Starr's investigation that started with the Whitewater investigation and traveled to sexual conduct engaged in by the President, one has to wonder how far Prosecutor Fitzgerald will go with his investigation.  Will he start examining the 16 words in a State of the Union address, televised over wires, that may have started this whole chain of events? 


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