Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Update on Enron Related Cases

Some Enron Related Updates:

Trial of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling is set to start in January 2006. Ken Lay's website here provides copies of his motions as filed by his attorneys.  The most recent of July 1st here moves for the dismissal of counts 38 -41premised upon the vagueness of Federal Reserve Board Regulation X.  It argues a due process violation as a result of this vagueness.  This may be a particularly good issue as the existing law of vagueness is ripe for Court review.

CNN reports here that pension claims are at 356.25 million.  An agreement, subject to court approval, will allow for some payouts to retirees.   

The Wall Street Journal reported here that Lea Fastow ("wife of former Enron Corp. finance chief Andrew Fastow") finished her prison term leaving a halfway house "shortly after midnight." (It always amazes me how prison facilities let women out in the middle in the night - that's OK for Lea Fastow who has someone to meet her, but what about the women who do not have someone there and who live in areas where it is cold and do not have proper clothing- check out Professor Myrna Raeder'swonderful article in the Spring 2005 issue of Criminal Justice Magazine titled, "A Primer on Gender Related Issues of Women Offenders"  for a discussion on some of the issues faced by women offenders.)

Some other Enron Related Documents here.

Attorney General Gonzales is not overseeing the Enron matters, having recused himself.  This means that the Enron Task Force does not report to him.  See here. (Forbes.com)



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