Friday, July 22, 2005

Top Five "Nicest" Prisons for White Collar Criminals

An article in the Corporate Crime Reporter (here) quotes Allan Ellis, the co-author of the Federal Prison Handbook 2005, listing his Top Five federal prisons for white collar offenders, including a little background on the "amenities" at each.  Here we go (with links to each location on the BOP website in case you'd like to get a bit more information on the places):

Yankton, South Dakota. “A stand alone federal prison camp,” Ellis says. “A vanishing breed. These are camps that are not satellites to larger more secure institutions. It happens to be a converted college that went defunct. It’s in the middle of the town, not on the outskirts. There is a lot of community programming. People leave during the day and come back at night.”

Englewood, Colorado. “That’s outside of Denver,” Ellis says. “It’s a satellite camp to the federal correction institution there. I’m told by my clients that it is a pretty laid back place.”

Texarkana, Texas. “The federal prison camp there has an drug and alcohol treatment program,” he says. “It has a pond stocked with fish. And one of my clients said he liked to spend his day fishing.”

Sheridan, Oregon. A federal prison camp outside of a medium level security facility about 60 miles from Portland.

Pensacola Naval Base. “You get out during the day, you work on the Naval base, you intermingle with Navy personnel,” Ellis says. “The food is better. You are outside. I’ve had people who were taking care of the grounds at the admiral’s house. The admiral’s wife would bring out lemonade, invite the inmate in for lunch. Things of that sort.”

I guess there's nothing better than drinking lemonade in the hot Florida sun with the admiral's wife, and it isn't very often that Yankton, SD is considered a garden spot. (ph)

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