Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Thinking Back to Those Halcyon Days of Whitewater

As the lazy days of summer are upon us, with our nation's Capitol abuzz with talk of the Chief Justice joining Justice O'Connor in the resignation parade, it's sometimes nice to remember a more gentle time, when the White House was leaking information to the New Yorker about Linda Tripp's failure to include a prior conviction on her security clearance form once it came out that she was cooperating in the Independent Counsel's investigation.  If you want to relive those days, check out this opinion from the D.C. Circuit (yet another In re: Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan here) rejecting the claim of a Department of Defense employee who worked in the same office as Tripp (and Monica Lewinsky, for a short time) seeking reimbursement for attorney's fees of $6,093.75 related to his grand jury testimony . . . for the good ol' days. (ph)

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