Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Latest in Illinois

Some of the latest happenings in Illinois:

1. The DOJ reports in a Press Release here that it has secured another plea - its nineteenth- in an ongoing Chicago investigation. The press release states that: "General Services Administration (GSA) planner-estimator . . . pleaded guilty to bribery in connection with the awarding of GSA contracts at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse in Chicago. . ."

2.  The defense does not appear to be happy with the government's tactics in what's happening with former Governor Ryan. According to the Chicago Tribune here the defense is arguing that the government left out exculpatory evidence to the defense in a proffer as a "media ploy." (Chicago Tribune's headline) The Chicago Tribune notes that the defense argues that the proffer fails to include "tapes [that] unequivocally exonerate George Ryan."  The Chicago Tribune reported on the proffer here. The case is set for trial in September (see Illinois Leader here).  According to the Illinois Leader here, the former Governor was "indicted on 22 counts ranging from racketeering to mail fraud to obstruction of justice." Yes, that's the same former Governor who was a nominee for the 2005 Nobel Peace prize (see here).  This will definitely be a case to follow.


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