Thursday, July 21, 2005

State Guide to Collateral Consequences

In white collar cases, the criminal sentence may only be a part of the penalty paid by the convicted defendant.  Collateral consequences, such as loss of license, can also result from a criminal conviction.  Margaret Colgate Love authored a new study that may assist here. It is titled, Relief From The Collateral Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction: A State-By-State Resource Guide. The report states that it is prepared with support from an Open Society Institute fellowship."  Details can be found on the website of the Sentencing Project here.The website describing this work here states in part:

"This comprehensive survey describes for each United States jurisdiction the laws and practices relating to restoration of rights and obtaining relief from the collateral disabilities and penalties that accompany a criminal conviction. It is the first-of-its-kind, and it illustrates the extraordinary variety and complexity of state and federal laws that impose a continuing burden on convicted persons long after the court-imposed sentence has been fully discharged. It is an important resource for policymakers interested in offender reentry and reintegration, for practitioners at all levels of the criminal justice system, and for people with a criminal record who are seeking to put their past behind them. "

One of the tables here includes a state by state chart on "Consideration of Criminal Record in Licensing and Employment."


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