Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Photographer Convicted for Trying to Blackmail Cameron Diaz

John Rutter was convicted of forgery, attempted larceny, and perjury related to his attempt to blackmail actress Cameron Diaz to pay him $3.5 million to prevent him from selling topless photographs he took of her in 1992.  Rutter claimed to have a signed release from Diaz, but the jury convicted him of forgery for the signature on the release, and the larceny count was based on the demand for money to not release the photographs.  Interestingly, the perjury count relates to Rutter's certification in a pending civil law suit that the signature was legitimate.   As a former President learned the hard way, what goes on in a civil case can quickly turn into a criminal proceeding. An AP story (here) discusses the conviction. (ph)


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