Thursday, July 21, 2005

Karl Who? and the Media

With the announcement of a Supreme Court nominee, the front page of newspapers across the United States focused on this newly nominated individual - the Hon. John G. Roberts Jr.  As one might suspect, Karl Rove's name was no longer on the front page.  For example, one finds him mentioned on page 6A of yesterday's USA Today.    Peter Johnson of USA Today notes that "President Bush had no control over when Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor would step down. But announcing her successor — and when — was his call."  (see here)

And irrespectiveof whether the timing on the Supreme Court nominee announcement was intended to remove controversial issues from the front page of newspapers, who will actually control the media remains to be seen.  Hearings continued on proposed legislation to protect journalists.  Although Deputy AG James Comey did not appear before the Judiciary Committee on this legislation, his written statement was, "[t]he bill is bad public policy primarily because it would bar the government from obtaining information about media sources -- even in the most urgent of circumstances affecting the public's health or safety or national security.'' (AP NYTimes here)

In the meantime, Judith Miller of the New York Times remains in jail.  Is it rather odd that one part of the executive is advocating for disclosure of confidential sources and another office is refusing to comment on it? Who is controlling the media?


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