Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Guys - Say Something - Someone is in Jail

The media  (e.g., NYTimes here and Wall Street Jrl here) are discussing the failure of President Bush and White House spokesperson Scott McClellan to answer questions regarding whether Karl Rove will be fired.   As noted here we are suddenly hearing doublespeak like "I will be glad to talk about it at the appropriate time." 

While it may be true that this is an ongoing investigation, the bottom line is that a woman remains in jail because her source is not giving her the go-ahead to speak.  If that source turns out to be Karl Rove, or some other member of the administration, then why aren't they stepping forward and allowing her to testify before the grand jury. 

Sources for the press are important.  They have in the past provided information that helped to rid the government of corruption (e.g. "deep throat").  But sources who are giving the press information, not for a public interest, but rather for a political motive and perhaps committing a crime or violating a security clearance in the process, creates concerns. 

It is understandable that a press person needs to protect all sources to continue the flow of information.  It is not, however, understandable why the source is not stepping forward to allow Judith Miller to speak and leave jail. The bottom line right now is not what the White House has to say, but rather what Judith Miller's protected source has to say.   It is clearly an "appropriate time" for someone to speak.



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