Thursday, July 14, 2005

Don't Play With Politics

Business Week (AP) reports here a sentence issued pursuant to a plea in which Fermin Cuza, former executive from Mattel, the toy maker, pleaded guilty to one count of submitting false statements to the Federal Election Commission and in return was sentenced to a fine of $500 and probation. More extensive civil fines had previously been paid.  The list of recipients of the political donations reads like a who's who of both Democrats and Republicans, although AP reports that these politicians were unaware that Mattel was the source of these funds.

A second individual previously pleaded guilty in what the Department of Justice  described in a press release here as this individual  "admitt[ing] that between March 1997 and November 2000, he and Cuza made $102,214 in contributions to 31 separate federal campaign committees. In turn, the responsible official of each committee submitted reports to the FEC that falsely characterized the contributions as being funded by the individuals listed when in fact the contributions were funded through Mattel’s general treasury funds." 

(esp) (with thanks to Neal Sonnett).

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