Monday, July 25, 2005

Collateral Consequences of a Conviction - San Diego Style

We reported here on the recent corruption convictions in San Diego (two councilman convicted for conspiracy, extortion, and fraud (see San Diego Union-Tribune here)).  But when the convictions involve politicians, the ramifications can be far reaching.  This has proved true in San Diego with the recent convictions necessitating a need for a new election.

According to AP here the latest is that a second councilman has resigned post-conviction.  This can be a wise move and assist with arguments at the sentencing hearing. It can show not only the collateral consequences of the conviction, but the acceptance by the individual in resigning their post.

Co-blogger Peter Henning mentioned in a recent post the fame of the San Diego Zoo. Let me add the site for the so you can watch the panda bears live here. This is not mentioned to minimize the importance of the recent convictions in San Diego, but for those like me, who occasionally need a break, the pandas are fun to watch.


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